MIT - Metrocargo Intermodal Transport

Metrocargo is a concept of intermodal shipment based on horizontal loading and unloading containers and swap bodies on standard flatbed wagons under the catenary. The system being fully automated and very efficient, it is time and cost effective for the distributed intermodal transport over a territory and for processing full trains in port to dry-port shuttling.

The promoters constructed a full scale prototype unit and the EC-funded research project VIT - Vision for Innovative Transport successfully researched the remaining technical issues. This MIT Metrocargo Intermodal Transport project is about bringing Metrocargo from research to market stage and promoting its dissemination among logistic decision-makers throughout Europe.

Technically, MIT will implement specific technical improvements and the scaling up from single prototypal unit to full industrial installation, developing typical plant design and SW applications to automate and optimize the work flow and provide interfaces with operators and external systems.

Promotion and dissemination will be the main goal, carrying out market studies in several EU member states and subsequent market plans to exploit the Metrocargo features in terms of installation and operating costs, limited use of dock area, safety and environmental impact. Economic advantages to operators in typical situations will be determined effecting specific feasibility studies.

Dissemination events will be organized centred on the full scale Metrocargo prototype installed in the port of Vado Ligure. The SMEs will exhibit the system in main logistic and transport shows in Europe and will organize road-show presentations in several coun-tries, using videos and a dynamic simulation SW tool to illustrate the solutions for spe-cific needs.

At the end of this project the Metrocargo technology will be a fully developed market-ready system that will be widely known among European logistic decision makers.





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