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Wikipedia MIT page
Intermodal Wikipedia Metrocargo page
MIT Brochure in English
MIT Brochure in German
MIT Brochure in Dutch
MIT Brochure in Italian
MIT Brochure in Chinese
Metrocargo Brochure in English
Metrocargo Brochure in German
Metrocargo Brochure in Italian
Public Deliverables
D8.1 - Dissemination Plan
D8.3 - Interim Plan For Use And Dissemination Of Knowledge
D8.4 Production of a video clip
D8.5 Press releases publications and other communication activities
D8.6 Final plan for use and dissemination of knowledge
D8.7 Final Wikipedia page on the project and its results
ETR article
Meeting Agendas
Preliminary meeting agenda (Genova, 19-20/07/2011)
Kick-off meeting agenda (Jenbach, 29/09/2011)
Meeting agenda (Jenbach, 06/12/2011)
Meeting agenda (Delft, 13/03/2012)
Meeting agenda (Berlin, 02-03/07/2012)
Meeting agenda (Genova, 13/11/2012)
Meeting agenda (Jerago, 14/05/2013)

European Community

FP7 - capacities program

MIT brochure

MIT wikipedia page